Nim Dong

April 15, 2018

Eishan ensemble is the creation of Sydney-based world music specialist Hamed Sadeghi, who plays the Iranian Tar, Setar and Oud. The ensemble, comprised of Hamed Sadeghi on tar, Michael Avgenicos on saxophone, Pedram Layegh on guitar, Elsen Price on double bass and Adem Yilmaz on percussion, presents an original fusion of Eastern and Western musical influences, imbued with a sense of improvisation, tranquility and a reverence for the abstract grandeur of music. The Eishan ensemble draws influence from such world music pioneers, creating works that are richly textured and orchestral in nature. The ensemble’s close attention to nuances of mood, rhythm and structure draws the listener into an experience of tranquility and wonder - akin to that of a film score - demonstrating music’s ability to transcend all barriers of language and culture.